Join us at Womadelaide 2011.  Our fantastic team of community broadcasters from around Australia will bring you radio and online coverage from our backstage tent, just behind stage 2 at the Womadelaide site in Botanic Park.

Co-ordinated by host station Radio Adelaide, our team members come from PBSfm in Melbourne, CAAMA Radio in Alice Springs, TEABBA in Darwin and 2SER in Sydney.  Click on the ‘meet the team’ tab above to, ah …. meet the team.

Check the menu at right to listen to preview and onsite interviews, and live music performances direct from the concert stages, or to read our presenters blogs.

And cos there’s nothing better than live radio, dont forget to tune into our three live to air radio programs, on community radio stations across Australia.

Saturday March 12,  Sunday March 13 and Monday March 14

Each show is 2 hours, at these times across Australia’s timezones:

–  7-9pm  in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart; Victoria, NSW and Tasmania

–  6.30pm-8.30pm in Adelaide and South Australia

–  6-8pm in Brisbane and Queensland

–  5.30-7.30pm in Darwin and Alice Springs; Northern Territory

–  5-7pm in Perth and Western Australia

Radio Programs brought to you via the Community Radio Network and CAAMA Satellite services.

For all the details about what’s on, tickets and performers, visit the official womadelaide website


2 responses

  1. Ros

    Hi Team, Your womadeleide “promos” provided are sponsorship announcements.
    Do the need to be played in full if played?
    x ros

    February 13, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    • Hi Ros, yes it is part of the sponsorship we have sold to make the program happen that they get a mention in the promos. My take is that they dont equal 30 seconds of sponsorship time; the majority is a program promo. But if you to be very safe with your 5 mins per hour, count it as 30 seconds s’ship

      February 14, 2011 at 11:46 am

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