Meet the Team

Deborah Welch – Executive Producer

Deb is the General Manager of Radio Adelaide and can’t remember when March didn’t involve Womadelaide . she spends a lot

of time in the broadcast tent, but that’s ok because we’re in the heart of the Festival and get to m

eet so many of the artists in person.  She also loves how the festival and broadcast brings together community and Indigenous broadcasters from all over the country.

Don Balaz – Technical Coordinator

Don juggles his usual working at Radio Adelaide, travelling, and questionable samba dancing with laptops, digital recorders, microphones, cables, extension cords, power boards…about 100 items all up to make sure that all will be working on that day. Is Don Is Good!

Seth Jordan – Presenter/Blogger

Seth was the presenter/producer of the award-winning Community Radio programs Radio Babylon & The Tiki Lounge. Editor/Author of the recent book World Music: Global Sounds In Australia (UNSW Press), he also wrote the Aussie chapter of The Rough Guide To World Music, and regularly contributes to Rhythms, Limelight and Songlines(UK). WOMADelaide’s MC Coordinator, Seth rushes back and forth from the stages, bringing news & interviews from some of the festival’s biggest acts.

Andrea Fraser – Presenter/Blogger

Womadelaide will be Andrea’s second year of being a Presenter/Blogger with the Womadelaide LIVE! team. Andrea first became involved with Radio Adelaide in 2005 for NAIDOC Week whilst she was working as a Journalist/Broadcaster for CAAMA Radio in Alice Springs.  She than traveled around the countryside till she arrived back in Adelaide four years ago, where she’s part of Radio Adelaide’s Nunga Wangga team, produces regular segments for Radio Adelaide Breakfast  and works a mean roving mic at station outside broadcasts. Andrea’s passion is promoting the amazing things Aboriginal people are achieving in all areas, particularly promoting Aboriginal musicians.

Michelle Smith – Presenter/Blogger

Radio Adelaide’s Michelle Smith has been producing/presenting Rhythm Stick  for the past six years, the same amount of time she’s been stalking drummers, percussionists and anyone with a half-decent sense of rhythm. Her radio idols are Seth Jordan, Roger Holdsworth and Andrea Fraser who, coincidentally, are her co-presenters on WOMADelaide Live!…How’s that for a piece of luck?

Roger Holdsworth – Presenter/Blogger

Roger is the presenter of the Global Village program on PBS-FM in Melbourne (106.7fm; 3-5 pm Sundays) where he has staffed the GV Tourist Office since 1989. (That’s well over 1000 programs! And still counting). That means he’s been listening to the world – over the back fence, in the next suburb, and in unlikely locations elsewhere -since before the term was invented. He prefers the inclusive term of ‘worldwide music’ rather than the sense of a separate genre – but, with the privilege of age, celebrates grumpiness about the hegemony of pop, rock and 4:4 beats.

Jonathan Brown – Online Producer

Jonathan is the Education and Training Manager at SYN – A media organisation entirely dedicated to providing opportunities for young people. He cut his teeth at Radio Adelaide and returns each year to Adelaide to experience one of the best festivals Australia has to offer. He’s been part of the Womadelaide LIVE! Team for a number of years through the heat, rain, cold and dust to help deliver one of Australia’s biggest festival broadcasts.

Bernard Namok Jnr (aka BALA-B) – Production Team

Eldest son of the designer of the Torres Strait Flag, originally from Thursday Island, QLD. Broadcaster at TEABBA Radio in Darwin, we broadcast to communities across the Top End and Darwin. Been in Radio for 10yrs. Love going out bush for OB’s, training and love having a good time on air. This will be my first Womadelaide and I look forward to meeting and working with the crew.

Chris Brunner – Production Team

Chris Brunner is a final year student of journalism and creative writing at UniSA. He discovered his love of radio after joining Radio Adelaide’s current affairs team on The Wire. Since September, he’s helped to present and produce a new local arts, music and comedy show called Streetcast. Chris also dabbles in poetry and freelance audio-documentaries.

Geoff Peake – Production Team

For 2012’s WOMAD Geoff is back with the broadcast team for his fourth innings (including Earth Station last year) and is determined to survive the entire festival without obtaining a parking ticket. Always aiming high, the presenter for Radio Adelaide’s all-Australian music hour UpDownUnder, is set to surprise even more unsuspecting punters this year with his random interviews and poor time management. May be seen running whilst looking for a clock.

Gerry Terati Lyons aka GMan – Production Team

I’m the Station Manager of CAAMA – the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association situated in Alice Springs. This will be my first Womadelaide Festival and all I can say is, “BRING IT ON”!  I have worked in media for nearly 20 years in many role and am passionate about what Indigenous media provides. CAAMA have been involved with this festival broadcast for a number of years and hopefully this relationship will continue for many years to come. We say, “Indigenous Media was a dream, but now it’s a reality”.

Jim Remedio – Production Team

Manager at QRAM- Queensland Remote Indigenous Media – a network of Aboriginal stations in Cape York, the Gulf Region and remote Queensland, Jim’s background in Indigenous broadcasting is as long, varied and distinguished as the sector itself.  CAAMA General Manager for many years, he’s also our man for any emergency welding, electrical, cable laying and general troubleshooting onsite.

Ian Newton – Production Team

Ian loved being part of Radioadelaide’s Womadelaide team in 2010 so much he slept at the station all year waiting for 2011. (Don’t tell anyone). Everyone thinks he busy, committed, charming and occasionally witty with a great line in shirts and impeccable taste in music.  On Radio Adelaide he presents The Borrowers and is part of the station’s audio team.

Leelee Hewitt – Production Team

I am the second eldest of 5 and was born and raised in the NT. I am a Radio Broadcaster at TEABBA Radio and have been involved in media for 7 years. TEABBA broadcasts to 29 remote Indigenous communities across the NT and now into the Darwin region. I am an outgoing person & I am looking forward to working alongside such a great team.  It’s my first time at the festival and I’m excited to a part of the crew for this year’s Womadelaide coverage.

Phil Van Hout – Production Team

It’s my fourth year on the team, and I’m up for another year of making sure we bring to stage to the airwaves. I’m also looking forward to the abyss of multicolored shawls that float across a seated smear of sunscreened parents pushing prams. All of which too joyous for belief.  It’s all set to be another  great year!  OnRadio Adelaide I present The Borrowers and is part of the station’s audio team working on our live to air music programs Local Noise and The Friday Sessions on The Range.

Rebecca Elliott – Visuals production team

Rebecca wanted to be an astronaut, an archaeologist and a fantasy author when she grew up. She never could quite work out how to schedule all those things into a week so decided to do the next best thing: Film and Radio. When she isn’t presenting and producing Radio Adelaide’s filmmaking show Behind the Screens  she’s attempting to kick off her own film career by producing shorts and music videos. This will be her first time at Womad after testing the waters at the inaugural Womad Earthstation in 2011. She can’t wait to weave amongst the crowds and bring you the very best in sights and sounds.

Susan Sohar – Visuals production team

Susan Sohar shall be cranking some dynamo visuals at this year’s Womad! The young hypo one of the bunch, she’ll sure be the perky one to keep the festive vibe going long on into the night. What motivates her most about making videos and this is probably the coolest and best part would be seeing everyone’s reactions after the hard yards, sharing laughs is the best feeling! Along with the bloopers reel! You get that out of working with these peeps at Radio Adelaide. Also Susan is the producer and presenter of an upbeat summer show called ‘Sound of Soundz’ on Radio Adelaide – other than that she likes long walks on the beach and the smell of freshly cut grass in the morning and rain on a summer’s day.

Thecla Brogan – Production Team

I’m a trainee broadcaster/ journalist at CAAMA Radio and have been for three years now. I started at CAAMA as a school-based apprentice at the age of 15 and loved it so much I decided to train full time. I’m from the Tiwi Islands, which are located above Darwin and have been in Alice Springs for 4 years. I am looking forward to experiencing Womad this year and looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people!

Anthony Gibbs – IT

With thoughts at a very young age of being a Brain Surgeon, then changing to Architecture, then Graphic Design and finally deciding on a career with Computers, Radio Adelaide’s IT Coordinator seems to have made the right choice. Born in the 70’s, Anthony had a computer at home while still in primary school and been “playing” around with them ever since

Studio and Satellite

At each station around the country we must thank the Studio Officers who are making sure Womadelaide 2012 LIVE! gets from Botanic Park to to your radio.  At host station Radio Adelaide the silent but essential man is  Steve Sokvari.  When we’re on air you can give him a call on 08 8303 5000 and let us know how it’s sounding.

In Sydney, Martin Walters and Dan Callaghan are the essential humans behind the technology – our broadcast signal goes from Botanic Park to the community radio satellite service – CRN –  in Sydney, then out to all community radio stations by satellite, then transmitted by them to you.  Easy!


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  1. Nikos Tzanidakis

    Hello !

    The following link does not exist anymore :

    Is it possible to listen to the link elsewhere or even get this mp3 ?

    Thank you in advance,

    Nikos Tzanidakis

    February 13, 2011 at 7:20 pm

  2. Karen

    I’m trying to contact Seth. We knew each other at school in Kansas.


    March 2, 2011 at 10:39 pm

  3. Nikolaos Tzanidakis

    Dear Deb Welch,

    the link is still not working. Could I please get the mp3 file with Ross Daly in my email ?

    Thanks in advance,


    March 13, 2011 at 8:24 am

  4. dean hodgson

    tune in tonight enjoy the show very much look like the headset mic are working great and also the women that throat singing unreal?

    March 13, 2011 at 9:39 am

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  6. Natalie

    Looks like a great team – I’m looking forward to tuning-in!

    February 28, 2012 at 2:15 pm

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  8. Paul Harvey

    Gday Message to Steve Solvari (Kevin in Kit Kat TVCs in 1970’s) ,
    From Paul Harvey (Baz)

    July 4, 2013 at 7:53 pm

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